Custom Application Development, we at Intellogic Software study the customer requirement, prepare functional requirement document, and create prototypes so that we do not miss out on any features in the initial phase. Proper Planning and sufficient research are done on the domain before proceeding with the development. 


We follow the Scrum Agile Methodology and occasionally Waterfall Model as needed by our end customers. 
Scrum Agile Methodology - continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project. 

Process flow of Scrum Methodologies:

  • Each iteration of a Scrum is a Sprint
  • Product Backlog – a listing where all details are entered to achieve the end-product.
  • For every Sprint, high priority user stories from Product Backlog are selected and added to Sprint backlog.
  • The Team works on the defined Sprint Backlog added by Product Owners.
  • End of every Sprint, the team delivers the product functionality as per Sprint Backlog.
  • Scrum Master is responsible for setting up the team and Sprint Meeting. 
  • The Product Owner creates and prioritizes the Product Backlog, and is responsible for the delivery of the functionality at each iteration. 
  • Scrum Team manages its own work and organizes the work to finish the sprint or cycle.